A Fully Autonomous [24].7 Alternative

Replicant’s [24]7.ai alternative has fully autonomous learning capabilities and superior conversational AI that outperforms the competition.

Legacy platforms like [24]7.ai are more likely to require manual updates and constant human intervention, and still work off of outdated AI models and older conversational design. The outcome is higher call abandonment rates, lower CSAT, and frustrated customers.

In contrast, Replicant’s Thinking Machine is a [24]7.ai alternative that is purpose-built on conversational design best practices and the latest in AI automation. It aims to fully resolve customer issues and autonomously improve with minimal intervention. Replicant customers see the difference with higher resolution rates and CSAT on-par or even higher than live agents.

Learn why innovators have made the switch to Replicant:

Replicant is Proven to Outperform


call resolution rate


weeks to deploy enterprise use cases


Replicant CSAT equals or surpasses live agent CSAT


reduction in call escalations for common calls

Replicant vs. [24]7.ai

  • Voice AI
  • Chat and SMS
  • Visual IVR
  • Multi language
  • Real time transcription
  • Custom integrations
  • Superior conversational design
  • Accurate intent extraction vs. keyword matching
  • CSAT on-par with live agents
  • Automated continuous improvements to AI
  • >80% resolution rate
  • Advanced analytics & reporting
  • Pre-built use cases by industry

Find out how to achieve greater results with Replicant

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Why Choose Replicant's Conversational AI Platform

Autonomous Conversational AI

Get conversational AI that is purpose-built and improves autonomously in real-time. Replicant is built with conversational design best practices, designed to fully resolve customer issues, not escalate or deflect them, through automated continuous improvements to its AI models. The results are higher resolution rates and CSAT on-par or higher than live agents.

best in class conversational design

Up and Running in Weeks

General purpose AI apps like [24]7.ai are resource intensive and not purpose-built for having great customer service conversations. Replicant handles the heavy lifting and ramps up with pre-built conversational components so that you don’t have to hire an army of engineers or conversation designers. With Replicant’s library of out-of-the-box conversational components, you can get started quickly on a variety of common use cases like caller authentication, account management, reservations, and more.

get started faster with replicant

Actionable Insights and Reporting

Capture insights into your call drivers and transcripts, and take action off of data. With Replicant’s pre-built dashboards, discover key trends and get real-time insights into why customers are contacting support, top performing conversation flows, and frequent escalation issues.


Innovators Who Chose Replicant

Rob D. Principal Consultant & Strategist at leading auto insurance company
We are leveraging Replicant to handle common costumer phone questions first. This is enabling our costumer service team to spend time handing complex and revenue generating interactions.

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