AI-Powered IVR

Resolve customer service issues with flexible conversations


Have natural conversations

A few shortcomings of today’s IVRs is that they are inflexible, lack natural language understanding and can irritate customers. What’s the point of an IVR if the first thing customers say is, “I’d like to speak to an agent”? Replicant makes it easy to design intuitive conversations that utilize advanced voice recognition and visual IVR technologies to optimize calls with every customer. Now, your customers can solve more problems faster with greater flexibility using natural language instead of navigating inflexible touchtone menus.


Easily customize call scripts

Leverage conversational design best practices to define the best call flows for every type of customer call. Streamline conversations with pre-built templates for common functionality like collecting email addresses, surveying customer satisfaction, or verifying phone numbers. And, ensure that no conversation is ever too complex to handle with the ability to recognize tone, accents, and sentences with more than one intent.


Increase agent productivity

Replicant’s AI-powered IVR not only enables you to cut costs by automating routine calls, but also ensures that high-empathy calls are triaged, prioritized and routed to the right agent. In turn, it frees up your agents to focus on higher-value interactions as agents only receive the most complex and important calls. With Replicant, agents can increase productivity and customers can receive faster answers to improve CSAT and resolution rates.