Contact Center Automation

Automate repetitive, mundane, and manual agent work


Run a more efficient contact center
without sacrificing customer satisfaction


cost savings compared to a BPO


reduction in average handle time


minutes spent on hold

Empower your agents to work smarter, not harder

Contact center automation is the use of technology to perform tasks that are manually done by contact center or call center agents. Automation helps customer service teams increase efficiency, decrease costs, improve accuracy, and drive customer satisfaction. Agents are freed up to provide personalized service, solve complex issues, and build customer relationships.


Let Replicant take care of the rest


Automate high-volume, repetitive inbound and outbound calls

Whether your call center receives high volumes of transactional inbound calls or makes a lot of outbound calls, Replicant’s autonomous contact center can handle them. Call drivers like updating account information, answering FAQs, and providing appointment reminders can be fully resolved by automation.


Accurately and quickly capture call information

Your agents are either spending a lot of time logging call notes or not taking accurate notes. Replicant automatically records, transcribes, and tags every call so your agents don’t have to. Plus, you’ll get accurate data to gain insight into why customers call.


Increase agent engagement and productivity

Relieve agents from the monotonous calls that lead to disengagement and burnout. Replicant takes the Tier-1 calls and tedious manual work so agents can focus on applying their creativity and problem-solving skills. Interesting work leads to more engaged agents. And happier agents will go the extra mile with customers.