Real-Time Conversational Analytics

Get visibility into your customers and call drivers

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Unlock call center analytics effortlessly

Automated call tagging
Keyword and disposition search
A/B testing results

Transformative insights into your customers

Conversational analytics are quantitative data and qualitative insights extracted from human speech or conversation. Using natural language processing and AI, machines extract data from both spoken and typed speech. Then, organize that data into usable insights. Conversational analytics give contact centers unprecedented insights that can be used to better predict customer behavior and improve customer experience.


Endless information at your fingertips


Capture and search conversations in real time

Record and transcribe what your customers are saying on every service call to get real-time, searchable insights into unstructured call data. Searching through transcripts is as easy as searching on Google. In a few clicks, you can drill into call details, identify the most common issues, and find other key call insights.

Measure important call drivers

Monitor your call drivers with custom dashboards that aggregate data from every call. Replicant intelligently tags calls so you can better slice and dice your call data. Easily measure customer satisfaction, track average handle time, and discover new trends, like competitor mentions and defective products.

Monitor calls for continuous improvement

Use Replicant’s built-in dashboards to review calls, analyze data, and provide feedback to improve call performance with continuous learning. Every call flow can be compared with built-in A/B testing to continuously improve and optimize your Thinking Machine’s™ performance to drive higher customer satisfaction.