Conversational AI

Power fast, accurate, and contextual conversations


As natural as speaking to a human agent

Conversational AI is the set of technologies that enables human-like interactions between humans and machines. Using machine learning, natural language understanding, and natural language processing, machines can understand how humans naturally speak or write. Conversational AI is used in customer service to resolve customer issues and answer questions.


The leading conversational AI behind 3M+ conversations a month


Quickly go live with AI-powered

Building conversational AI takes a lot of resources and time. Replicant’s pre-built conversational components give you a head start and incorporate conversational design best practices. As a managed service, Replicant does the heavy lifting and applies its expertise in working with Fortune 500 clients to get you up and running fast.

Continually improve AI with little to no work

With each call it takes, Replicant’s Thinking Machine™ gets smarter and more accurate. Even when it’s live, the Thinking Machine continues to learn on its own without your involvement. If you’re used to having a team of data scientists and engineers to retrain and manage AI models, imagine what else they can work on now.

Make self-service easier and more efficient than ever

AI-powered conversations don’t have to be painstakingly slow or filled with misunderstandings. With fast, accurate, and contextual conversational AI, customers get their issues resolved in half the time and on the first contact. By giving customers the self-service experience they want, you’ll turn your customer service into a competitive differentiator and create raving fans.