Easy integrations

Seamlessly integrate with every system


CRM integrations

With out-of-the-box integrations, Replicant can dip into your CRM to retrieve caller information for automatic caller authentication so that you can greet your customers by name and offer the most relevant resolution based on historical interactions. At the end of every call, Replicant automatically creates tasks or tickets, updates customer records and adds intelligent call summary notes for follow-up. It’s now possible to increase first contact resolution rates, eliminate after call work, and improve customer satisfaction with Replicant’s CRM integrations.


Contact center integrations

Replicant’s contact center integrations make it possible to seamlessly escalate and transfer calls to a live agent. All relevant context is captured including caller information, reason for transfer, and detailed call summary notes and sent directly to an agent’s console. Now, agents can better serve customers by understanding what steps were taken prior to call escalations.


Internal systems integrations

Replicant seamlessly integrates with your internal systems to autonomously resolve customer issues end-to-end without agent intervention. Replicant can do things like issue refunds, initiate order updates, and change account information while on the phone with customers. As a result, agents have more time to focus on higher-value cases, leading to more personalized customer service and higher customer satisfaction.