Intelligent Call Escalations and Routing

Escalate and route complex issues to the right agents


Intelligent call escalation

Know when to escalate calls that require empathy or creativity and give agents summarized notes ahead of time for seamless handoffs so customers never have to repeat themselves. If Replicant encounters a flow that it hasn’t yet been trained on, customers are proactively given the option to speak with an agent. In other words, Replicant never “locks” your customers into an automated call flow and if it senses frustration or confusion, it automatically escalates the call to a live agent.


Smart call routing

Replicant seamlessly extracts information during every call and uses it to effectively route calls based on context to the most appropriate agent. Routing rules are easily configurable and can adhere to skills or attribute based routing like working hours, customer status, or caller type to effectively route and transfer calls. With Replicant, agents can get up to speed quickly prior to every customer call with automatically generated call summaries that are autologged in agent’s call center software.