Intelligent Virtual Agent

Autonomously resolve customer service issues over the phone


Efficiently help customers with fast, accurate, and contextual conversations


inference accuracy


resolution rate

< 1

second latency

The hybrid workforce of the future is here

An intelligent virtual agent (IVA) is AI that uses machine learning and natural language to interact with customers, answer questions, and resolve issues. Unlike rule-based bots, intelligent virtual agents can understand intent, harness vast amounts of data to provide personalized service, and automate manual tasks. When you augment live agents with virtual ones, you’ll see reduced costs and higher customer satisfaction.


Augment live agents with a conversational IVA


Provide conversational self-service

Speaking with Replicant’s Thinking Machine™ is nearly indistinguishable from speaking with a human. Its conversational AI handles multiple intents, understands accents, and leverages data from your systems to provide a personal touch. Now you can autonomously resolve Tier-1 issues over the phone with a humanlike virtual agent.

Service customers 24/7

With an intelligent virtual agent, there is no downtime. The Thinking Machine answers every call immediately and eliminates hold times with 24/7 service. If you prefer a different flow for after-hours support, easily configure logic rules to trigger a custom flow or create a task for agent follow-up.

Resolve Tier-1 issues faster

With faster processing of unstructured data, integrated entity extraction, and low-latency conversations, calls handled by Replicant’s intelligent virtual agent are 30% to 50% shorter compared to a live agent call. Plus, your customers can avoid complex IVR menus, long hold times, and transfers between agents.