Intelligent Virtual Agent

Autonomously resolve customer service issues over the phone


Provide fast, accurate, and contextual self-service

Speaking with Replicant is nearly indistinguishable from speaking with a human. Replicant responds within a second, understands caller requests with 94%+ accuracy, and leverages data from CRM and other customer systems for deeper personalization. It’s now possible to autonomously resolve tier-1 customer service issues over the phone with a human-like, virtual agent experience.


Service customers 24/7

With Replicant, there is no downtime – answer every call and eliminate hold times with 24/7 service available anytime, anywhere. And, if you prefer a different flow for after-hours support, easily configure logic rules to trigger a custom flow or create a task for an agent to follow-up at a better time. Replicant makes it easy to meet fluctuating customer demand with always-on, elastic call center capacity.


Resolve tier-1 issues faster

With faster processing of unstructured data, integrated entity extraction, and low-latency conversations, Replicant calls are 30-50% shorter compared to a call with a human agent. Now, your customers can avoid complex IVR menus, long hold times, and transfers between agents to get their issues resolved faster. With Replicant as your first line of defense, agents can spend more time resolving complex issues that require human empathy to increase CSAT.