Seamless Omnichannel Support

Optimize every conversation with the best channel

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Connect with customers across multiple channels


Service customers where and how they prefer

Omnichannel customer support ensures you’ll be ready to serve your customers whenever and wherever. Use voice AI, SMS, and visual IVR to help customers over the phone, text, and web. You won’t just meet your customers where they are. You’ll also leverage the best channel for each type of customer service interaction.


Create a convenient and consistent omnichannel experience


Start every conversation with AI

With a brain trained on millions of customer service conversations and the ability to dip into CRM systems in milliseconds, Replicant’s Thinking Machine™ delivers the fastest, most accurate, and contextual automation on the market. It authenticates customers and resolves tier 1 issues to deliver customer service in half the time.

Seamlessly switch between voice and SMS

Easily communicate across channels during a single customer service interaction. Go from voice to SMS seamlessly and share information through the most effective channel. Text customers a link to their insurance policy, directions to the nearest store, or reservation details.

Easily capture information with visual IVR

Send customers a SMS or a mobile web page to update orders, take photos of defective products, or share hard-to-spell information, while the Thinking Machine waits on hold. With visual IVR, you’ll reduce average handle times, increase accuracy, and prevent agents from entering data manually.