Seamless Omnichannel Experiences

Optimize every conversation with the best channel


Start every conversation with voice AI

With a brain trained on millions of customer service calls, the ability to dip into internal CRM systems in milliseconds, and an empathetic, humanlike voice, the Thinking Machine™ delivers the fastest, most accurate, and contextual voice AI on the market. Replicant’s voice AI automatically authenticates callers and resolves tier-1 customer service issues so that you can delight your customers with seamless customer service.


Streamline conversations with SMS and visual IVR

What if your customers have more complex issues that require collecting information and multi-step processes to resolve? With Replicant, your customers can start a conversation on the phone, get sent an SMS or a mobile web page, and easily start updating orders, taking photos of defective products, or sharing hard to spell information like full names and email addresses while the Thinking Machine™ waits on hold. It’s now easier than ever to switch between channels during a single call to streamline the customer experience, reduce average handle times, and prevent agents from entering data manually.