Automated Outbound Dialer

Proactively serve customers with outbound calling


Make calls cheaper, faster, and more
successfully than an outbound call center


cheaper than a highly optimized BPO


the call completion time compared to a live agent


more successful than a live agent

Proactively engage with customers

An outbound dialer is software that automatically places outbound calls on behalf of someone. With automated outbound dialing, contact centers can contact customers to share important information, anticipate their needs, and provide personalized offers. Outbound calling helps companies increase customer satisfaction, decrease incoming call volume, and grow revenue.


High-volume outbound calls made easy


Scale outbound call campaigns

Train Replicant’s Thinking Machine™ once and you’re ready to place outbound calls at scale. Whether you’re conducting hundreds or thousands of outbound calls at the same time, Replicant scales effortlessly to support your campaigns.

Manage outbound dialing

Replicant’s outbound auto-dialer places calls and records the results in your CRM system, reducing your costs while increasing completion rates. Simply set up your call list by uploading a CSV file or pushing a record from your CRM or business system. Define the best time to reach out and leverage A/B testing to create effective conversations.

Maximize agent productivity

Agents dislike outbound calls, so let them focus on what they do best — high-value inbound customer calls. Use scheduled outbound calls to automate repetitive tasks, like payment reminders and onboarding. Replicant’s outbound dialer frees up agents to apply their empathy and creative problem-solving to complex issues.