Proactive Outbound Campaign Manager

Reach your customers with unlimited scale

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Deliver proactive service

Your outbound call center strategy can finally get the power it needs with Replicant’s outbound campaign manager. Always-on and with unlimited capacity, Replicant can be configured to place outbound calls to provide customers with friendly reminders for upcoming appointments, resolve payment issues, or place orders on behalf of customers to help you scale with proactive customer service.


Manage outbound dialing

Replicant’s outbound campaign manager places calls at the optimal time and records results back into your CRM system to help you reduce costs while increasing adherence and completion rates. Setting up your call list is as simple as uploading a CSV file or pushing a record from Salesforce, other CRM or business system via an API. Easily define the best time to reach out to your audience across multiple time zones and leverage A/B testing to design the most effective conversation. With Replicant, it’s now possible to improve call conversation rates and orchestrate outbound campaigns at scale, autonomously.


Maximize agent productivity

Agents dislike outbound calls so let them focus on what they do best – answering high-value, inbound calls – and use scheduled outbound calls to automate repetitive tasks like payment reminders and onboarding for streamlined operations. Replicant’s outbound campaign manager adds a new level of proactiveness to your organization, allowing you to free-up your agents and reach your customers for better engagement.