Real-time Analytics and Insights

Get visibility into your most important call drivers


Capture conversations in real-time

Capture and transcribe what your customers are saying on every service call to get real-time, searchable insights into unstructured call data to identify customer sentiment, most called about issues, call disposition, and other key insights.


Measure important call drivers

Monitor your most important call drivers with custom dashboards that aggregate data from every call. Replicant automatically adds intelligent tags so that you can better slice and dice your call data to measure overall customer satisfaction, track average handle time, and discover new trends like competitor mentions, defective products, and upsell rates to serve your customers like never before.


Monitor calls for continuous improvement

Use Replicant’s built-in dashboards to review calls, analyze data, understand trends, and provide feedback to improve call performance with continuous learning. Every call is captured in the dashboard with full text, auto-tags, and disposition codes for seamless monitoring and analytics. And, every call flow can be compared with built-in A/B testing to continuously improve and optimize your Thinking Machine’s™ performance to drive higher CSAT.


Search call data for deeper insights

Navigating call transcripts is as easy as using google search with Replicant. Within a few clicks, users can drill into the details of every call with free-form-text search to understand the drivers behind success rates, disposition types, and other key metrics. Would you like to know how CSAT changes according to product issue or understand competitor mentions? Simply type the product or competitor name into Replicant’s search bar and compare call performance by product issue or see every competitor mention. Replicant makes it possible to bring structure to unstructured call data to understand your most important customer attributes.