Thinking Machine™

Offer intelligent conversations for customer self-service


What sets the Thinking Machine apart


latency between turns


inference accuracy


to scale to thousands of calls

Supercharge your contact center with an intelligent Thinking Machine

Replicant’s Thinking Machine works alongside your agents to answer incoming calls, make outbound calls, resolve Tier-1 issues, surface customer information to agents, and complete post-call work. Apply the Thinking Machine to voice to create consistent conversations that defy what customers are used to when interacting with AI.


Smarter and faster than your typical AI


Understand multiple intents and requests to hold

Customers who have multiple requests or questions can get them efficiently resolved by the Thinking Machine all at once. The Thinking Machine is even intelligent enough to recognize when customers need a minute to find information and can patiently wait on hold until customers are ready to proceed.

Handle colloquialisms, accents, and background noise with ease

We all speak in different ways. What one person calls soda, another person refers to as pop. The Thinking Machine recognizes the intent behind the different words and phrases customers might use. Even accents and noisy environments are no match for the Thinking Machine.

Make your Thinking Machine as unique as your brand

Easily shape the Thinking Machine to fit your brand. Replicant offers male and female voices and can blend the Thinking Machine’s default voice with voice actors to create a unique voice for you. Customize your conversational models to include your product and brand names and reflect regional dialects.

How the Thinking Machine works

  • Uses multiple models for higher accuracy

    The Thinking Machine™ leverages multiple machine learning models and transcription providers that result in the quickest & most accurate responses.

  • Trained on more than generic datasets

    By training on company-specific calls, use-cases, and one of the largest datasets of customer service conversations, it’s 8 – 10% more accurate than other natural language processing (NLP) providers on the market.

  • Calculates the most relevant intent

    The Thinking Machine turns audio into text, determines whether the person is done speaking, and matches what was said to one or more intents. Then, it prioritizes the most relevant intent based on the context.

  • Actively learns to get smarter over time

    Replicant’s fully managed active learning service ensures the Thinking Machine continuously retrains itself on a subset of your calls, with little to no effort on your end.