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Using Replicant to Handle Seasonal Call Spikes

Learn how ECSI scaled to handle seasonality and gain better insight into their customers needs.

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avatar-mike Mike Bowman Director of Customer Support Operations
Not only has Replicant allowed us to scale our call center operations, but it’s given us insights into caller behavior at a much deeper level than we could have expected - which ultimately helped us improve the customer experience.
george mcconnell George McConnell Global Operations Manager
Our goal was to have a one-step shop where Replicant handles phone order traffic from beginning to the end, without needing to escalate the call and continue to lower the costs.
Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 10.31.57 AM Michael Coster Customer Service Executive
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We wanted a solution that was quick, efficient, and similar to how we address our customers and answer the phones today. While we had an immediate business need right now of helping to answer calls and get cases logged, the long term potential for AI is to have it do so much more for us.