The Because Market introduces a new way to speak to customers

Creating better customer experiences and higher satisfaction using Replicant

  • Industry Subscription E-commerce
  • Use case After Hours Calls, Cancellations, Order Management, Retention and Cross-sell
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Key Results


reduction in average handle time


reduction in hold time


reduction in call escalations for repetitive calls

The Challenge

Created on the foundation to find a better way to serve and support families, The Because Market is changing the way we order and receive intimate products for men and women. The Because Market cares deeply about its customers which means not only curating  the highest quality products, but also delivering them efficiently with the best customer service.

The Because Market came to Replicant with an interesting problem. Basic support calls took 10+ minutes and customers waited on hold for 7+ minutes. The call center was becoming an operational bottleneck for as hiring more agents to meet customer service demands wasn’t sustainable or cost efficient. The Because Market wanted to find a new way to deliver exceptional customer service that is modern, efficient, and fits the needs of  their customers while exceeding expectations on operational efficiency and scale. 

connor shepherd Connor Shepherd Founding Partner of The Because Market
Our mission is to deliver something high quality and unique for older adults and we want to innovate within our customer service as well. We wanted our customer service to feel seamless and personal without the typical burdens of automated calls like customers repeating themselves, having to wait on hold, or getting stuck in IVR menus.

The Result

What once was a cost-center is now becoming  a revenue opportunity with Replicant 

The Because Market is taking the power of Replicant’s platform a step further and using  it to not only resolve customer issues, but also educate customers on new products and  promotions to create cross-sell opportunities. Traditionally, agents have been trained to resolve customer service issues while sales teams are responsible for generating revenue.  With Replicant, The Because Market is creating a merged opportunity between sales and  service by driving awareness of promotional offers at the end of service calls after a  customer’s issue has been resolved. This new model doesn’t require agent training and  can be targeted to the right customers to deliver optimal service that doesn’t feel intrusive.  

The Because Market is gaining trust with voice AI 

Since Replicant’s out-of-the-box integrations work with existing call center software,  CRMs, and internal order management systems, The Because Market can augment its  existing workflows to automatically log tickets, capture call summaries, and resolve  tickets without human intervention or training. The Because Market can also get insights  into important call drivers as Replicant transcribes and automatically tags call data by disposition. Insights into call data are leading to new found efficiencies for The Because  Market that are driving higher agent productivity and customer satisfaction. 

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Machines and humans are collaborating together to deliver a new type of customer service experience

The Because Market was thrilled to find out that their customers enjoy speaking to the Thinking Machine. Stacey, a long time customer explained, “At first I was a little surprised.  I thought I was speaking to a human agent and then I realized it was a machine. It only  took a few minutes to update my order and I didn’t have to wait on hold”. Similarly, The Because Market’s customer service agents are seeing higher job satisfaction as they don’t have to train for or handle as many repetitive calls. Agent’s jobs are becoming more strategic and call spikes are easier to manage thanks to Replicant.

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