ECSI scales for seasonal spikes to achieve deeper visibility into customer behavior

Learn how ECSI scaled to handle seasonality and gain better insight into their customers needs

  • Industry Financial Services
  • Use case Loan Servicing, Payments, Refunds, Tax Form
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The Challenge

ECSI is the leading provider of accounts receivable management, campus-based student loan servicing, tax document services, tuition payment plans, refund management, and call center/outsourcing services in their industry today. With more than 45 years focused on higher education, ECSI has established itself as the premier partner for colleges and universities nationwide with a 99% client retention rate.

ECSI’s Client Support and Customer Service teams were already some of the highest-rated in the industry. But they were impacted by spikes in call volume around tax season which required them to recruit and train 15 temporary agents each year. They needed a solution that would provide them with the elasticity they needed during periods of higher call volume while still maintaining the high level of customer satisfaction that ECSI prides itself on.

The Partnership

ESCI initially deployed Replicant for the two types of calls that caused the biggest seasonal spikes in call volume: Tax Information Questions and Payment Questions. These types of questions required the Thinking Machine to go through authentication with the caller and help with things like 1098 form questions, balance inquiries, and refund status updates. Replicant launched in ten weeks, and within three weeks scaled to handle 100% of the target volume of calls all while achieving a CSAT of 4.5 out of 5.0.

After ECSI had such success after the implementation of the first two use cases with the Thinking Machine, they decided to deploy an additional use case: Loan Servicing. Deploying this use case required the Thinking Machine to handle more sophisticated questions from customers regarding applications, documentation, loan profiles and promissory notes. The Thinking Machine again stood up to the challenge and within three weeks scaled to handle 100% of traffic for Loan Servicing Calls while improving its success rate in fully resolving calls month over month.

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The Results

Seasonal Elasticity

After implementing Replicant, ECSI was able to handle call spikes during tax season seamlessly and without having to hire temporary workers or requiring their agents to work overtime to manage increases in calls. The elasticity of Replicant’s Thinking Machine enabled ECSI to continue offering the customer service their customers were accustomed to without the overhead usually associated with seasonality in a call center fluctuations.

Caller Behavior Insights

Initially, ESCI was just looking to add automation to their contact center to handle spikes in volume. What they didn’t anticipate was the rich insights and analytics the Replicant platform would provide into caller behavior based on the conversations taking place with the Thinking Machine. Before Replicant, agents needed to take time away from core business activities to dig into trends and gain contextual clues on caller intents for accurate post-call work. Now, Replicant is doing the heavy-lifting for them when it comes to analytics and customer insights. ECSI has the visibility into why customers are contacting support, which conversations are performing best to resolve issues, and most frequent escalation reasons.What’s more, ECSI is taking the data provided from Replicant on student borrower behavior and using it in ways that reach far beyond the call center to improve the customer experience from end to end – from their website to the solutions they are offering. With the insights and elasticity they have with Replicant, ECSI is ready to handle future tax seasons and everything in between.

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