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Leading telehealth company lowers call center costs without sacrificing customer satisfaction

Learn how this industry leader automated more than a third of their call volume.

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  • Use case Account Management, Order Status, Payment
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The Challenge

Since its inception this telehealth leader has grown quickly to help their patients with a variety of healthcare needs. In order to support their rapid growth and deliver a great customer experience, they had two call centers and more than 1,000 full-time customer service agents. However, continuing to hire more agents was becoming expensive and difficult to manage. To support their growth, they needed automation to efficiently scale their customer service.

While automation would help them reduce costs and hold times, they also wanted to make sure it wouldn’t negatively impact the customer experience as they take great pride in offering a premium experience to customers, so maintaining their high customer satisfaction was non-negotiable.

Senior Manager, Customer Experience at Telehealth Company
Replicant offers a truly intelligent thinking machine that allows our company to remove the "busy work" type calls from our team members and open them up for true problem solving and building customer relationships.

The Best of Both Worlds with Replicant

This telehealth company wasn’t willing to sacrifice customer satisfaction in order to achieve the efficiencies they wanted. After hearing the quality of Replicant’s voice AI, they knew its speed, accuracy of understanding, and natural speech would provide the high-quality voice experience they were looking for. Replicant’s Thinking Machine responds in less than a second, understands multiple intents, and is more than 94% accurate. It efficiently resolves customers’ requests, such as providing a status update on their order, updating their account with a new credit card, changing the address on their account, and letting them know when their next bill is due.

Prepared for High-speed Growth and Fluctuations

Customer growth was outpacing customer service capacity for this telehealth company. With Replicant, their capacity now automatically scales with their growth. They can offer 24/7 service without hold times — no matter how many more customers they acquire. 

This telehealth company can handle fluctuations in customer demand without hiring new agents, outsourcing, or ballooning costs. The start of each year brings an influx of customers. They can handle this temporary surge in demand, since the Thinking Machine elastically scales to handle the increased call volume. 

Not only has customer service capacity become elastic, but operational costs have too. Replicant charges for minutes on the phone and visual IVR usage, so this telehealth company doesn’t have to commit to upfront usage and their cost increases or decreases with demand.

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Creating Happy Customers with Replicant

The Thinking Machine is currently deployed to handle over a third of calls. As this telehealth company expands its footprint, they’re also expanding the responsibilities of their Thinking Machine to resolve most of their transactional call flows. In seeing the efficiencies and high CSAT that Replicant has driven, they’re eager to have the Thinking Machine offer convenient and effective self-service to their growing customer base — regardless of the issue type.

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