Our SmartAction Alternative

Learn how Replicant’s superior conversational AI and performance metrics outcompete SmartAction

See why our SmartAction alternative boasts superior conversational AI and performance metrics. When you choose Replicant over legacy platforms, you get a superior AI product, conversational design expertise, faster deployment, and improved metrics across the board.

In fact, multiple customers have seen their success rate increase by 300% after just one month following a switch from SmartAction to Replicant.

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Learn why modern CX leaders have made the switch to Replicant:

Replicant is proven to outperform


higher resolution rate


cut deployment time in half


Replicant CSAT equals or surpasses live agent CSAT

Replicant vs SmartAction

Compare Replicant vs. SmartAction

Replicant’s Thinking Machine is a SmartAction alternative that gets results. It is built on conversational design best practices to fully resolve customer issues, not escalate them, through automated continuous improvements to its AI models. This results in higher resolution rates and CSAT on-par or even higher than live agents.

In contrast, SmartAction customers have reported frustration with their legacy platform due to slower response times and poor intent interpretation due to their keyword-driven model, resulting in higher call abandonment rates and lower success rates.

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Why switch to Replicant?

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Superior Conversational AI

  • Leverage fast, accurate, and contextual conversational AI across phone, chat, and messaging
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Go Live in Record Time

  • Get up and running in weeks, not months, with our pre-built conversational components
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Unprecedented Savings

  • Customers report call center savings upwards of 50% within their first year

Fortune 500 and leading enterprises - in retail, insurance, travel, hospitality, and more - trust Replicant


What our customers say

We are leveraging Replicant to handle common costumer phone questions first. This is enabling our costumer service team to spend time handing complex and revenue generating interactions. avatar-rob Rob D Principal Consultant & Strategist
By implementing Replicant, we were able to scale our operations to handle any peak volume eliminating queue backlogs and delayed deliveries. Furthermore, it’s provided a much more secure platform (SOC, HIPPA and PCI compliant) while mantaining comparable quality metrics as human teammates. avatar-george George M Global Operations Manager
Replicant is the perfect solution - it’s providing new innovation while reducing hold times by 50%, bringing average handle times down from 10 minutes to 2-5 minutes, and reducing call escalations. avatar-connor Connor S Founding Partner, Head of Marketing and Ops

Why Replicant

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