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Replicant's Series B funding announcement will help shape the future of Contact Center Automation.

Replicant Raises $78 Million in Series B Funding to Automate Customer Service

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Replicant Launches Single Conversation Engine To Automate Customer Service Interactions Across Every Channel

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Trend Report: Hotel Workforce Automation Boosts Productivity

PR Newswire - April 26, 2022

Replicant Raises $78 Million in Series B Funding to Automate Customer Service

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Call center automation software vendor Replicant raises $78M

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Replicant Names Customer Service Innovators of 2022

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Replicant Survey Finds Poor Customer Service Affects Consumer Brand Loyalty, but Conversational AI May Help Them Stay

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Replicant Named a Forbes Top 50 AI Firms to Watch in 2021 | Replicant

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Replicant Raises $27 Million To Propel Its Voice AI For Customer Service Phone Calls

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Replicant, World’s First Autonomous Contact Center, Raises $27 Million

TMCNET.COM - March 31, 2020 Launches Voice Responder, an Autonomous AI Voice bot for The Future of Work

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Replicant’s AI Voice Responder supports call centers during COVID-19

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Daily MarTech Roundup: Latest News, Insights, Funding and Updates

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AI Voice Responders Support Call Centers During COVID-19

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Replicant Introduces AI Voice Responder

PULSE 2.0 - August 2, 2019

AI-Enabled Voice Technology Company Replicant Raises $7 Million

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No Jitter Roll: Five for Friday

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Replicant Launches With $7 Million In New Funding and Adds Veteran CEO

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Talking to Bots? Replicant AI Launched with $7million



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