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Delight consumers with faster service

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Service digital-first consumers

We’re living in an always-on, hyper-connected world that puts technology at our fingertips. Today, almost every consumer service begins and ends with a digital experience – one that requires forward-thinking customer service to meet the demands of growing, digital-first consumers. When customers use apps today, their options are limitless, but when something goes wrong and they need to contact customer service, they’re brought back to the days of complex IVRs and long hold times. With Replicant, companies can provide a new type of customer service that’s fast, accurate, and contextual.

Xenial automates tier-1 customer service in under a week

We wanted a solution that was quick, efficient, and similar to how we address our customers and answer the phones today. While we had an immediate business need right now of helping to answer calls and get cases logged, the long term potential for AI is to have it do so much more for us. —Michael Coster, Customer Service Executive, Xenial Watch Video

The Replicant approach

for consumer services


Simplify appointment scheduling

Most consumer services require scheduling and rebooking appointments which takes up valuable agent time. Answering these calls, like many other tier-1 calls, can be handled by Replicant. Now, customers can call 24/7, get automatically authenticated, and make and adjust appointments on the fly using the fastest form of communication, their voice.


Manage bookings and reservations

Provide customers with self-service to easily make changes to existing bookings and reservations without long hold times. Remove the burden from your agents by letting Replicant handle tier-1 customer service issues 24/7 so that your agents can focus on higher-value calls to boost productivity. Increase customer retention and brand loyalty by giving customers the service they need, when they need it, so they’re more inclined to book with you.

Streamline food delivery

When food delivery companies see a spike in orders, it’s often difficult to fulfill them fast enough to meet consumer demand. Replicant makes it easy to fulfill orders on behalf of customers by placing outbound calls to restaurants. Now, food delivery companies can achieve scalable outbound ordering without relying on business process outsourcing partners to intake orders. With Replicant, food delivery companies can scale faster while cutting back on costs.

Service employees faster

Gig economy employees help to keep your operations running smoothly and are the frontline to your consumers. When they experience issues like showing up to recieve an order that’s not ready or having their car break down on the way to their destination, you want to remove these roadblocks to help them better serve your customers. When your employees call the Thinking Machine™, their calls are answered immediately and complex issues are resolved in seconds. Replicant can also trigger complex workflows like reassigning a delivery to a new dispatcher or notifying a customer about a delay so that every customer experience is seamless.


Metrics from Replicant customers

  • 50% reduction in average handle time
  • 70% reduction in hold time for higher customer satisfaction
  • 50% reduction in call escalations for common calls
  • 2x increase in call center capacity

Customer service for every consumer services use-case

  • questions (1)
    Troubleshoot common issues
  • after-hours
    Provide after-hours support
  • outbound-calls
    Outbound ordering
  • payment-collections (1)
    Payment collections
  • info-capture
    Information capture
  • manage-bookings
    Manage bookings