Financial Services

Simplify financial transactions over the phone at scale

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Bring speed, convenience, and personalization to clients

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    Account & card management
  • icon-loan
    Loan processing
  • icon-credit
    Bill payment
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    Product & service recommendations
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    Customer onboarding
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    Debt collection

Automate customer service without losing the human touch

Money is personal and emotional. This is why your customers should never be locked into an automated experience. When Replicant’s Thinking Machine™ detects a highly emotional or urgent customer issue, it’ll pass the customer to a live agent. Customers can also get connected to an agent at any time.

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Quickly scale in response to the economy

When consumer behavior changes with the economy, your customer service capacity needs to as well. Instead of getting overwhelmed when low interest rates spur a surge in refinancing or when stimulus causes a flood of account activity, use Replicant to scale your contact center capacity quickly, efficiently, and securely.

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Free up your staff to focus on client or partner relationships

Just as ATMs freed bankers from dispensing cash, Replicant does the same for Tier-1 customer calls. When agents don’t have to complete repetitive transactions, they can spend more time and effort building relationships with clients or partners and applying their expertise to provide advice.

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Secure client data and maintain their privacy

Keep your clients’ information secure and private. Replicant is SOC 2 certified and PCI compliant. Your customer data is securely encrypted, segmented from internal systems, physically protected, and backed up regularly. And with the ability to configure access roles, you’ll preserve client confidentiality.

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Metrics from Replicant customers

  • 50% reduction in average handle time
  • 70% reduction in hold time for higher customer satisfaction
  • 50% reduction in call escalations for common calls
  • 2X increase in call center capacity