Bring your world-class in-person patient experience to the phone

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Differentiate with an integrated patient experience

  • icon-calendar
    Appointment scheduling
  • icon-reminder
    Proactive reminders
  • icon-payment
  • icon-pills
    Health & prescription instructions
  • icon-health
    Insurance quotes and coverage
  • icon-credit
    Payment info and questions

Personalize patient interactions

Automated calls for appointment changes or payment reminders don’t have to be cold and generic. Replicant integrates with any system to identify callers and locate their records. Even a small personal touch, like greeting patients by name or knowing the best time to call, goes a long way toward increasing patient satisfaction and retention.

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Proactive patient care

Care doesn’t stop after patients leave your facilities. Replicant handles inbound and outbound calls, creating even more possibilities for proactive touchpoints throughout the patient’s lifecycle. Automate outbound calls to follow up with patients, provide appointment reminders, and share clinic or prescription information.

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Give employees time back to focus on patients

Take the straightforward, transactional calls that your providers are spending time on and give them to Replicant’s Thinking Machine™. You’ll never have to worry about whether there’s enough people manning the phones, and your employees have more time to care for patients.

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Comply with HIPAA

Replicant is HIPAA compliant, so you can rest assured that patient information is protected. Data is securely encrypted at rest and in transit, regularly backed up, and hosted in secure databases. You also have control over who has access to your data, along with if and for how long Replicant retains customer data.

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Metrics from Replicant customers

  • 50% reduction in average handle time
  • 70% reduction in hold time for higher customer satisfaction
  • 50% reduction in call escalations for common calls
  • 2X increase in call center capacity