State-of-the-art conversational design

Replicant Voice is just like speaking with a human agent. Our proprietary platform makes it possible to design emotive, natural conversations with the perfect script so that your customers have a consistent experience every time.

AI-powered collective brain

Replicant Voice is powered by the "Thinking Machine". It collects knowledge from every call in a central neural network that becomes smarter over time so that you can make updates to call scripts at scale.

Flexible interactions

The "Thinking Machine" lets callers jump between topics - just like they would with a human agent. It listens, collects data, and adapts its responses to resolve issues in real-time.

Easy integration

Replicant Voice works out-of-the-box, integrates with existing call center software, and can be built in days, unlike an IVR.

Smart escalation and routing

Escalate and route calls to the right agent at the right time, with context, so customers never have to repeat themselves again and can be serviced by an agent when needed.

Customer analytics

Aggregate and search unstructured call data to understand customer issues and CSAT. Measure key metrics like call resolution time, call volume by issue, and call deflection to serve your customers like never before.