Replicant Pricing

Pay for what you use

Start answering calls in days with simple, flexible pricing options

Replicant is an elastically scalable, flexible and cost-effective solution for your contact center. Engage with customers from anywhere with unlimited capacity, 24/7 availability, and pay-as-you-go pricing to ensure that you can flex your spending to match your needs.

Up-and-running in days

Replicant can be up and running quickly and costs a fraction to implement as compared to other IVR and AI platforms. And, with industry-specific templates and a modern design tool, customers can start talking to Replicant in a matter of days.

Unlimited capacity and scalability

Replicant provides the capacity you need to scale up or down without limitations, as we know that your business needs can change by the minute. With Replicant, you can deliver always-on, elastic call center capacity to meet your customers anytime, anywhere.


Replicant only charges you for minutes on the phone and visual IVR usage. You don’t have to commit to upfront usage, pay for wait times, and calls are 30%-50% shorter with Replicant. Now, you can deliver delightful customer service without increasing costs or compromising on quality.

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Justify your ROI within months

No need to ask for a special budget. Replicant customers are able to add elasticity, provide 24/7 support, and improve CSAT all while showing a positive return on their investment within the first year.

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Replicant reduced our costs by nearly 90% for our first use-case. We now have Replicant answering calls for all of our product lines. The more calls we send Replicant, the more we save. Customer Service Executive, at leading worldwide provider of payment technology and software solutions