Product Features

Curious to learn more about how Replicant works? Here you’ll get an inside look at our product.


Design optimal conversation flows effortlessly

Conversation Clustering

Replicant makes sense of your unstructured call data by automatically transcribing and clustering your historical call recordings and transcripts to discover the key intents driving your model; complete with training phrases for all intents – no human labeling needed to get started.

Conversation Studio

Design conversations in an elegant and powerful user-friendly interface that blends a low-code editor with a visual conversation flow designer. Most importantly, never start from scratch – drop in pre-built conversation modules for common customer support needs like user authentication or email address extraction and leverage a rich library of intents and functions for rapid development. Deployment, collaboration, and versioning are easy with built in CI/CD.

Monitor calls in real-time


Call Monitoring

Monitor live calls with real-time transcripts that track progress on every call as they unfold. Escalate calls to a supervisor or agent as needed with built in call controls and capture every word that’s spoken between Replicant and your customers for post-call analysis.


Visual IVR

Many customer interactions are best had on the phone, but in some cases, require a UI. For example, it’s easier for your customers to choose an available appointment from a calendar or pinpoint a location from a map. For these use-cases and more, Replicant offers visual IVR – a secure, one time link to a mobile-web interface delivered via SMS that makes capturing information simpler.

Handle complex conversations

Custom AI Models

Replicant’s proprietary transcription and intent classification engine are trained specifically on lossy 8khz customer support phone call data, yielding 94%+ classification accuracy – the highest in the industry. Customers can also train custom transcription models for specific use-cases with just a few hours of data, ensuring any industry expression or out of vocabulary words are accurately captured so that every conversation is tailored to your needs.


A key part of Replicant’s conversation design capabilities is being able to resolve multiple intents in a single turn of a conversation. With Replicant, your callers aren’t limited to asking simple questions; instead, the next time a caller wants to change their billing address and inquire about a refund, they can – in a natural, conversational way.


Custom Entities

Replicant offers several out-of-the-box custom entities and entity types like alphanumeric strings, advanced spell-out mode, zip codes, addresses, date-time and currencies. And, you can go one step further by training unique entity types such as proprietary data formats or product brand names. All custom entities go beyond regular expressions and use deep learning to extract entities when spoken conversationally to provide higher accuracy.


Fully Managed Continuous Learning

Replicant uses active learning to intelligently and automatically create a data pipeline for retraining. Only the appropriate samples are escalated to human reviewers, increasing labeling efficiency. All model retrains are evaluated for regressions and provide full visibility into the performance of every new model and intent within it, ensuring that your conversation models are getting smarter every day.

Get deeper insights into customer data

Access key business metrics and gain visibility into every call to deeply understand your customer data and deliver better customer service with advanced analytics.


Interact with charts that visualize your call volume and track outcomes with specific call disposition information.


View your average handle times by disposition as well as your customer satisfaction (CSAT) score over time.

Review key attributes auto-tagged by Replicant and leave notes for future iteration.


Effectively search and filter key words to reveal call drivers for individual topics.

Easily integrate into your call center stack

Prebuilt functions for common CRM and call center integrations enable you to seamlessly embed your Thinking Machine™ within your existing systems so that you can authenticate callers, capture call summary notes, escalate calls that require empathy, and automatically log and resolve tickets without agent intervention.