Replicant Thinking Machine

Solve support issues quickly and naturally


AI-powered conversations that achieve results


accuracy to understand
customer issues


resolution rates to resolve
customer issues faster


higher satisfaction to
drive customer loyalty

As natural as speaking to a human agent

Resolve customer issues with AI-powered conversations that recognize what customers need instantly.


Conversations That Customers Love

Replicant's ability to help us quickly triage and prioritize high-value callers while ensuring great quality of service for all callers has been a game-changer for us.
You can think of replicant as your "Agent of the month", leave it on shift and let it take as many calls needed, at any time!
At Postmates, the Replicant Bot is placing 65% of our phone orders with a success rate equivalent to humans and has reduced phone order cost by 50%.

Experience it for yourself

See how Replicant helps customers easily update their order.

Make complex conversations simple

The Thinking Machine responds without delay, understands multi-intent requests, and supports a variety of languages to quickly resolve your most frequent customer issues across channels.

Speak any language

The Thinking Machine provides support for almost any language your customer’s speak with 30+ languages and variants, including all major Spanish and French dialects.


Get started in weeks

The Thinking Machine leverages Replicant Powers, pre-built components that make authenticating callers, collecting credit card information, policy numbers, email addresses and more, as simple as drag-and-drop.

Thunder Bolt
Handle unrecognized use cases and caller requests to speak to an agent gracefully.
Thunder Bolt
Synchronized Omni-Channel
Leverage Flex Forms through SMS and phone input, in addition to voice, in order to drive conversations.
Thunder Bolt
Hone in on imprecise locations using map links and clarifying questions over multiple turns.
Thunder Bolt
Data Collection
Recap and confirm collected information such as food orders or authentication info.
Thunder Bolt
Turn on PII redaction in conversation and analytics.
Thunder Bolt
Complex Info Readout
Enter secure mode to collect credit card information through the voice or phone.
Thunder Bolt
Compliance & Security
Thunder BoltCompliance & SecurityIntelligently accommodate corrections and context-switching by caller.
Thunder Bolt
Payment Collection
Collect data such as name, phone number, address, and more with out-of-box AI models.
Thunder Bolt
Smart Statefulness
View analytics in the Replicant portal to understand how the bot is performing against your business goals.
Thunder Bolt
Outbound Calling
Conduct reliable outbound campaigns such as the collection of restaurant hours, with handling voicemail detection.

Serve customers across channels seamlessly

The Thinking Machine engages with customers on their preferred communication channel, and effortlessly switches between channels to streamline customer service.


What a multi-experience interaction with the Thinking Machine looks like for customers

  • icon-inbound
    Customer inquires about shipping status
  • icon-msg
    Thinking Machine sends an SMS with tracking # and the call ends
  • icon-outgoing
    Customer places a call to their favorite retailer
  • icon-clock
    Customer checks on shipping status and wants to update order
  • icon-refresh
    Customer replies to SMS and has a two-way conversation with the Thinking Machine

How the Thinking Machine works

  • Recognizes human speech

    NLU brain distinguishes human audio from background noise and reduces latency <1s between turns for natural conversations

  • Understands what’s being said

    Transcription that’s purpose-built for customer service transcribes speech to text with 20% lower word error rate for accurate resolutions

  • Identifies conversational pauses

    Proprietary ASR model recognizes natural pauses, including being put on hold, for smoother conversations

  • Comprehends complex questions

    >96% accurate inference classification allows customers to ask complex, multi-intent questions for more flexible conversations

  • Clarifies entities in context

    Named entity recognition recognizes places, names and dates in context, regardless of complexity, for intelligent conversations