Create Your Call Center’s Collective Brain

Replicant uses AI and machine learning to find new ways to solve problems without the help of an agent. Our Thinking Machine collects this knowledge from every call in a central neural network that becomes smarter over time.

Craft Great Conversations

Design an optimal customer experience using data from your customer service calls and industry best practices. Replicant builds the perfect script to enable ideal conversational experiences.

Choose Your Voice

Choose your voice and style: from austere to zany and everything in between. Replicant will provide the perfect voice and tone that represents your brand.

Integrate With Everything

Replicant connects with every part of your business. Just like an agent, it can retrieve customer info from your internal databases or create a ticket in your CRM. It integrates into your contact center software for easy escalation.

Natural Conversation

Replicant listens to what callers say, thinks and acts fast, and speaks with a warm, natural tone. Unlike past-era IVRs, it listens and answers with no delays, enables fluent conversations and solves customer problems in real time.

Simple to Design, Powerful Capabilities

IVR is like a lecture; Replicant is a conversation. The Thinking Machine lets callers jump between topics —like they would with a human agent. Replicant always listens and can collect and update customer information or solve problems throughout the call. And unlike an IVR, it can be built in days.

Allow Agents Take The Important Calls

Design the precise moment to escalate a call to an agent when a customer needs them most. Let Replicant take on the repetitive calls, so your agents can focus on the complex and emotional issues. They’ll have more patience to tackle tricky situations and they’ll get a snapshot with complete context before taking the call.

Capture Everything

No more tedious after-call work. Replicant writes down everything and can summarize the call based on user intent. Replicant documents everything so your agents don’t have to.

An Omnichannel Solution

Our Thinking Machines work on any voice channel. Your customers can talk with them on the phone, from a mobile app or website, or through a home assistant. Be everywhere your customers are.

Monitor With Real-Time Analytics

Supervise, barge, and engage with any ongoing conversation at any time. Use Replicant’s dashboard to monitor dozens of parallel conversations as they unfold, so you can make decisions and take actions in real time.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Custom dashboards let you access insights around customer intent, resolution rates, and more. Identify trends so you can solve for root causes and keep close tabs on metrics like customer satisfaction, First Call Resolutions, and call volume, so you can make impactful decisions about your contact center.