How It Works

Watch the video to learn how Replicant fully resolves customer issues quickly and naturally over the phone and digital channels.


What makes Replicant unique?


Customers expect fluid conversations without awkward pauses, which is why the Thinking Machine responds in under a second.

< 1 second latency

Unlike earlier technologies that rely on keywords, the Thinking Machine uses advanced AI models to accurately understand customer intent over 94% of the time.

94%+ inference accuracy

The Thinking Machine integrates with all of your systems, automatically recognizing and recalling their order history or previous conversations.

< 6 weeks to scale to thousands of calls

Replicant's Thinking Machine is your best agent available 24/7

Immediately respond to all callers, locate user accounts in milliseconds, and resolve Tier-1 customer support issues with an empathetic, human-like voice. Powered by fast, accurate, and contextual voice AI, the Thinking Machine works 24/7/365 and never tires.

Click the play button to hear the Thinking Machine fully resolve a request for roadside assistance.


Accurately transcribe conversations

Capture and transcribe what your customers are saying on every service interaction to get real-time, searchable insights into your customer data.


Speak any language

Provide support for almost any language your customer’s speak with 30+ languages and variants to ensure every customer is heard and spoken to.


Resolve omnichannel conversations

Automate customer conversations using the same AI models, regardless of channel, for consistent experiences across phone, SMS, and digital channels. Engage with customers over the phone then send an SMS to capture information faster while the Thinking Machine waits on hold.


Make every conversation smarter

Collect knowledge from every call in a central neural network that becomes smarter over time. You’ll improve customer conversations without needing to retrain agents or deploy new call scripts.


Intelligently escalate calls

Connect to existing call center software to automatically escalate calls that require empathy or creativity. And, provide agents with detailed call summaries so customers never have to repeat themselves.


Measure important call drivers

Measure overall customer satisfaction, track average handle time, and discover new trends, like competitor mentions, defective products, and upsell opportunities. With these insights, you’re armed to serve customers like never before.


Integrate with every system

Integrate with contact center and CRM software to automatically log and resolve tickets and to take action on behalf of customers without agent intervention.


Getting started has never been easier


Pre-built conversation components

Never design conversations from scratch! Instead, leverage a library of pre-built components that scale the best of conversational design without heavy development.


Drag-and-drop conversation designer

Designing conversations is incredibly accessible. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping conversation components in a user-friendly visual editor.


Maintain models automatically

Building and maintaining contact center automation takes a lot of time and resources. Replicant works out-of-the-box and achieves results faster with automatic model feedback and retraining.