Self Service

Replicant helps customers self-serve. Our Thinking Machines can handle many simple tasks like rescheduling an appointment or changing a seat on a flight. This lets agents solve more complex problems and focus on building relationships to improve your brand.

After Hours Bot

Replicant is always on, so you can take every call 24/7/365. If we can't help your customers on the line, we'll create a task for a followup in the morning by an agent. The Thinking Machine can even notify your on-call team of an emergency.

IVR That Understands Your Customers

Understand why your customers are calling. Using advanced machine learning and AI models we classify caller intent. Our system identifies and authenticates callers then connects them to the right agent for a quicker resolution.


Replicant is great with repetitive dialog and monotonous tasks and can run all your basic troubleshooting flows. Free up your agents to handle complex calls and more nuanced customer issues.

Payment Collection

When there are payment problems, Replicant can call customers to get the issue resolved. Removing agents from the payment flow lets them focus on what they do best: delighting your customers.

Outbound Reminders and Information

Not only can Replicant call about upcoming appointments, but it can also reschedule that appointment on-the-fly, fill out intake forms, provide directions, and answer other questions a customer may have.