Automate and Resolve Account & Order Management Issues

Offer customers the ability to self-service their account and order management 24/7 across channels using contact center automation.


Tier 1 account & order management tasks you can automate

  • Account management
  • Membership management
  • Order management
  • Secure authentication
  • Reset password
  • Changes and updates
  • Account setup
  • Subscription changes
  • Renewals and rewards

Now customers can easily self-manage their account over the phone and digital channels

The business case for
automating account and order management

>90% Resolution rate without
agent escalation
  • Start saving up to 50% on your call center costs by automating repetitive and tedious tasks related to account and order management that can easily be handled by a virtual agent
  • Empower customers with self-service over the phone unlike any other experience before, with zero hold times, no IVR trees, and full end-to-end resolution
  • Leverage advanced analytics and robust reporting capabilities to continually optimize the experience and A/B test messaging and offers to reduce customer churn

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Why automate account and order management with Replicant?

Automate any channel

Leverage fast, accurate, and contextual conversational AI across phone, chat, and messaging

Fast Deployment

Get up and running in weeks, not months, with our pre-built conversational components

unprecedented call center savings
Unprecedented Savings

Customers report call center savings upwards of 50% within their first year