a new kind
of customer

Conversational AI platform that instantly solves problems over the phone, improves customer experience, and reduces cost.

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don't outsource your customer service

Use Replicant to Solve Problems
and Scale Faster.

Replicant is an AI voice technology that can be launched in a matter of days. It lets you offer high-touch customer service on the phone without hiring, offshoring, or adding complex technical infrastructure to your call center.

For growing companies, scaling customer service means scaling costs. It means more complexity, more hiring, more training, more managers, more mistakes, more headaches, and lower customer satisfaction.

Replicant uses a custom AI-powered conversation technology that can proactively solve common customer issues. Whenever Replicant hands off to an agent, it provides actionable data and context to help your agents provide the best service to your customers.

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zero wait
time, anytime

Answer every call immediately, with no wait time for callers. Even during peak hours or unexpected spikes, you'll never leave your customers hanging.

scale your business,
not the cost

Replicant helps you dramatically reduce customer service costs. Only pay for what you use and don't commit to capacity.

stay open.

Always be there for your customers whenever they need you. Respond to calls 24/7/365 and never disappoint a customer because you weren’t able to take the call.

instantly scalable

Never worry about having enough agents—even as you grow your business. With Replicant, you can fluidly scale customer service, up or down, as you need it. This way, you can take more time to hire the best agents, and retain them much longer.

your customer service encyclopedia

Real talk: agents leave and so does their knowledge. Feed data from every call into a central neural network and make sure insights never leave the building.

a consistent experience

Replicant handles repetitive tasks flawlessly and cheerfully. Replicant greets customers with a warm, natural tone and follows an ever-improving call flow for a truly consistent customer service experience.

customer effort(less)

Provide a delightful experience to your customers. Replicant picks up immediately, troubleshoots and solves problems quickly. It can tee up a live agent for more complex and emotional problems.

smart escalation

Replicant knows when to loop a live agent into conversations that matter. When handing off the call, it provides an actionable summary and context to keep your customers from repeating themselves.

human-like conversation

Understand your customer's true intent immediately without using explicit keywords or rigid phone-trees. Speak with your customers in a warm, natural voice and help them get things done.