Like having an infinite supply of your best agents

The Replicant Thinking Machine™ provides always-on support to resolve customer issues quickly and naturally over the phone using voice AI

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What's Better Than Customers Getting Great Results

Replicant's ability to help us quickly triage and prioritize high-value callers while ensuring great quality of service for all callers has been a game-changer for us.
You can think of replicant as your "Agent of the month", leave it on shift and let it take as many calls needed, at any time!
At Postmates, the Replicant Bot is placing 65% of our phone orders with a success rate equivalent to humans and has reduced phone order cost by 50%.

Conversations That Customers Love Business Results That You Will Love


reduction in costs as
compared to a BPO


reduction in wait time for
higher customer satisfaction


reduction in average
handling time


increase in call
center capacity

The ROI of
Voice AI

Forecast your potential call center savings when you use Replicant to resolve customer issues quickly and naturally over the phone.


Scale up or down instantly

Answer every call 24/7 and eliminate wait times regardless of call volumes and unexpected spikes with a first-line of defense.


First contact resolution

Don’t deflect. Resolve customer issues with natural, human like AI-powered conversations that recognize what customers need instantly.


Deep insights into every customer conversation

Get real-time, searchable insights into call transcripts with auto-tagged dispositions and measure CSAT, AHT, and resolution rates with built in analytics.


Up and running in weeks

Get started quickly with pre-built components that work out-of-the-box and scale conversational design best practices specific to any use-case or industry.


Pay only for what you use

Scale capacity up or down without upfront commitments, fixed charges, or maintenance fees.


Trusted by customer-obsessed brands

We wanted our customer service to feel seamless and personal without the typical burdens of automated calls like customers repeating themselves, having to wait on hold, or getting stuck in IVR menus.
Connor Shepherd Founding Partner, Because READ THE STORY
Our goal was to have a one-stop shop where Replicant handles phone order traffic from beginning to the end, without needing to escalate the call and continue to lower the costs.
George McConnell, Global Operations Manager, DoorDash READ THE STORY
We wanted a solution that was quick, efficient, and similar to how we address our customers and answer the phones today. While we had an immediate business need right now of helping to answer calls and get cases logged, the long term potential for AI is to have it do so much more for us.
Michael Coster Customer Service Executive, Xenial WATCH THE STORY

Recognized as a leader in Voice AI

Named a top AI company to watch by Forbes. READ MORE
Voted #5 most promising enterprise AI startup by The Information. READ MORE
Replicant Voice delivers 110% ROI according to the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Report READ MORE

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