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Grow customer relationships with proactive and effective customer service

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Service digital-first shoppers

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    Order management
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    Account and rewards updates
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    Billing and collections update
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    Proactive cross-selling and upselling

The Because Market is introducing a new way to speak to their shoppers

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connor Connor Shepherd Founding Partner We wanted our customer service to feel seamless and personal without the typical burdens of automated calls like customers repeating themselves, having to wait on hold, or getting stuck in IVR menus.

Provide every shopper with proactive and personal service

Make every shopping experience personal by using Replicant to authenticate callers and pull up their order history. Automatically detect satisfaction to send happy shoppers upsell offers and retain dissatisfied shoppers with discounts. Keep shoppers informed with store updates or the latest promotions based on their past purchase behaviors.

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Give shoppers accurate and fast resolutions

E-commerce is all about speed and efficiency. Simply search, click, and enjoy. Customer service should be the same – no hold times, immediate authentication, and quick resolutions. Give customers the ability to get help anytime and anywhere, and remove the burden from agents by letting Replicant resolve Tier-1 customer service issues 24/7.

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Streamline shoppers’ most common service requests

Reduce time to resolution for shoppers’ most common service needs, like delivery status updates, account updates, and return processing, with interactive and intelligent AI-powered conversations. Make self-service easier by providing shoppers with downloadable return labels or their nearest Fedex location via SMS.

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Elastically scale customer service to meet shopper demand

Shopping fluctuates with seasons and holidays, forcing you to temporarily staff up in anticipation of high customer demand. Instead of outsourcing or hiring more onshore agents, efficiently scale your customer service capacity with Replicant. Deliver one-to-one customer service without compromising on quality or increasing costs.

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Metrics from Replicant customers

  • 50% reduction in average handle time
  • 70% reduction in hold time for higher customer satisfaction
  • 50% reduction in call escalations for common calls
  • 2X increase in call center capacity

Integrate with popular e‑commerce platforms

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