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Wow travelers with exceptional customer experiences

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See how Replicant helps customers effortlessly change and upgrade bookings. Watch the experience

Automate conversations to eliminate customer wait time

  • icon-booking-management
    New bookings, changes, and cancellations
  • icon-upgrade
    Flight and room upgrades
  • icon-alert
    Proactive travel information and alerts
  • icon-credit
    Payment information and questions
  • icon-reminder
    Automated reminders
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    Personalized concierge services

Around-the-clock service

Whether it’s a holiday or 2 AM, travelers need to be able to reach you. Replicant’s Thinking Machine™ is available 24/7 to answer every call, so you don’t have to staff or offshore to achieve always-on customer service. No matter the day or time, travelers can easily manage their travel plans and get personalized recommendations.

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Reduce costs without compromising your brand

Replicant resolves 90% of Tier-1 issues without agent intervention, while providing customers with a consistent brand experience. By shifting call volume from BPO providers to AI, you’ll reduce costs and only pay for the amount of time the AI is on the phone with customers. Plus, you’ll gain more control over the quality of your customer service and experience.

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Design the leading travel experience by tapping into customer insights

With the ability to search call transcripts and automated tagging, you’ll have insight into what your customers want. Uncover trends, like which hotels or flights are booked most frequently. With a better pulse on customers, you can design a top-notch travel experience and ensure you never fall behind changes in consumer behavior and preferences.

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Elastically scale with traveler demand

You’re used to seasonal fluctuations and call spikes, but it doesn’t mean they’re less challenging to deal with. Instead of slowly hiring and training new agents, use contact center automation to quickly adjust your customer service capacity. Whether you receive hundreds or thousands of calls at once, you’ll always maintain a 1:1 agent-to-customer ratio.

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Metrics from Replicant customers

  • 50% reduction in average handle time
  • 70% reduction in hold time for higher customer satisfaction
  • 50% reduction in call escalations for common calls
  • 2X increase in call center capacity