Intelligently route policyholders in the phone channel and resolve tier-1 customer service issues without wait times.

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See how Replicant helps policyholders update their information and get proof of insurance. Watch the experience

Meet your customers in the channel of their choice

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    Account and policy management
  • icon-customer
    Proof of insurance
  • icon-claims
    Claims filing and status
  • icon-credit
    Payment and billing
  • icon-question
    Coverage FAQs
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    Upsell coverage and proactive outreach

Streamline repetitive service requests

Help members resolve Tier-1 requests with customer service that is as engaging as speaking to a human agent. Customers can file new claims, check their claim status, request a quote, add a beneficiary, update account information, and more. These self-service capabilities eliminate wait times, reduce AHT, and increase CSAT.

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Why insurers choose Replicant

A large insurance company in the Midwest started their contact center automation journey with a single, low volume use case. After 9 months, this customer has opted to replace their entire IVR and resolve several additional use cases. Start with Intelligent Routing (Replicant’s IVR replacement) or select the highest volume call types for resolution.

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Metrics from Replicant customers

  • 4x containment rate goal
  • 50% reduced AHT
  • 3wks to go live
  • 4M calls with policy holders

Frequently Asked Questions

How can contact center automation help insurance call centers?

Replicant enables insurance contact centers to operate more efficiently, reduce their costs, and increase customer satisfaction. Compared to outsourcing your call center to a BPO, Replicant is 50% cheaper and provides customers with a consistent brand experience. It also eliminates wait times and manual post-call work for agents.

How is contact center automation used in insurance?

Contact center automation & AI is being used in insurance to personalize sales, increase efficiency of claims processing and underwriting, generate quotes, and detect fraud. For example, insurance companies are investing in contact center automation to increase customer satisfaction through 24/7 service.

How is contact center automation changing the insurance industry?

With Replicant, insurance companies can now serve customers immediately, process claims efficiently, and automate time-consuming and laborious processes. By reducing their costs, saving time, and providing customers with convenient customer service, insurers that leverage contact center automation gain a massive competitive edge.