Streamline customer service for policyholders


Make customer service hassle-free

If you’re an established or growing company in the world of insurance, delivering seamless support at scale can be challenging. And, when your policyholders need to address insurance issues, they need answers fast. Whether it’s adding someone to a certificate of insurance, finding out where to pick up a rental car, or reporting a collision; these tasks are urgent and can’t be left on hold. With Replicant, you can provide customer service that can quickly scale to meet policyholder demand and fulfill customer expectations, freeing-up agents to deal with more complex issues.

The Replicant approach

for insurance

Proactively improve conversion of new policy holders

With Replicant, you can seamlessly interact with new and existing policy holders to improve conversion of new policy sales – if a policy holder starts the insurance process, but doesn’t finish, give them a call or send them a text to schedule a call-back. Know when to offer complimentary insurance coverage to existing policy holders to increase up-sell by automatically scheduling outbound calls for follow-up. Replicant lets you seamlessly scale proactive customer service to increase conversion and ultimately revenue.

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Schedule appointments with service providers

Help customers schedule repairs and appointments with service providers, allowing agents to focus on higher priority calls. Customers can call 24/7, get recommendations on the best service providers, and make an appointment all within a single call for convenient customer service. With Replicant, customers can better manage their claims processes while proactively addressing damage and repairs for holistic resolutions.

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Streamline policy holders most common service requests

Help customers resolve tier-1 service requests with easy-to-use, customer service that’s just like speaking to a human agent. Customers can file new claims, check claim status, set-up new policies, add additional entities to existing policies, update account information, or troubleshoot common requests quickly and seamlessly. Replicant’s self-service capabilities reduce hold times, average handle time, and increase customer satisfaction to help differentiate your customer service from the competition.

Improve operational agility with elastic capacity

Augment existing agents with always-on, elastic customer service that can be scaled to meet policy holder demand using the power of voice AI. With Replicant, insurance companies can prepare for call spikes without hiring or training additional agents – train Replicant once and update everywhere to seamlessly adapt call flows to new call drivers and achieve higher levels of agility overnight.

Metrics from Replicant customers

  • 50% reduction in average handle time
  • 70% reduction in hold time for higher customer satisfaction
  • 50% reduction in call escalations for common calls
  • 2x increase in call center capacity

Customer service for every insurance use-case

  • product-outreach
    Proactive sales outreach
  • insruance-policies
    Set-up insurance policies
  • account-management
    Account and policy management
  • clam-filing
    Claim filing and status
  • payment-collections
    Payment and collections
  • questions
    Troubleshoot coverage questions