Replicant ROI Calculator

Customers across industries leverage Replicant to resolve customer issues quickly and naturally over the phone using Voice AI.

Based on data from millions of calls powered by Replicant, this calculator is designed to provide an estimate of expected call center savings when you automate high volume, low complexity, and low emotion call flows with Replicant.

Here’s a one-pager to help you identify call flows ripe for automation in your call center, like account management, making a payment, scheduling a service, or tracking an order.

  • Call volume
  • Operation cost
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Let’s start by identifying the monthly call volume of a typical use case or call flow that you want to automate:

Monthly call volume

If you have calls above 300,000, please type the volume into the text field.

If you have calls lower than 6,000, Replicant won’t be efficient in helping you to meet economies of scale and massive savings .

Replicant customers see higher savings with monthly calls above 8,000.
Average handle time (AHT)
Replicant customers see higher savings with calls that take agents 3 or more minutes to resolve.